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Low Cost

HZMIM comes from China. You can directly face the factory. We provide you with the suggestion about the production, manufacturing and the quality controlling. By doing this we shorten the production period, cut the unnecessary costs effectively.

Cost-Effective Tooling

We have our own mould factory and we can make most of the mould by ourselves. By doing this we are able to shorten the production period, and provide the most convenient service to improve your products. Besides, We provide free lifetime maintenance services of mold.

Environmentally friendly

HZMIM imports raw material which used in the production from abroad. We guarantee that the production process is pollute-free and the whole process is monitored. We are trying our best to be safe and environment-friendly.

Part-to-Part Uniformity

All the production of HZMIM using the high-precision mould are processed by Injection process. The sintering furnaces are from CREMER Germany. All the production process are automatic and continuous. Each production process we have 3 Inspectors check on your products which can make sure the products are highly steady and equal.

Close Tolerances

HZMIM has the ability to meet tolerances of down to + / -0.01mm, the wall thickness of down to +/- 0.017mm. These tight tolerances avoid costly secondary machining Capabilities, therefore reducing costs and decreasing delivery time.

High-Performance Material Alloy Choices

HZMIM's parts can be manufactured with various alloys and high temperature sintered or sinter hardened for ultra-high strength and durability. Besides we will make the pro-suggestion for your to find the appropriate material.

Complex Shapes

HZMIM provide the various process methods to solve the multi-level parts problem. According to our advantage tooling design, high quality part manufacturing, strict quality assurance, we could provide the reliable products.

High Strength / High Density

The dimensions of HZMIM powder is between 2~15 μm, the relative density of our products can reach 95%~99.9% to fulfill your strength and durability needs.

Flexible Production Volumes

HZMIM supports customer production runs from thousands of parts per year to the millions.  Quick changeover could reduce your stock and save the costs.

Speed to Market

Basis our tooling factory and flexible production methods, we can provide very fast modification and improvement service for the customer to occupy the market.

Reduced Part Weight

Thanks to the out-standing function of MIM product, we are able to reduce the weight and gives you an overall lighter product, improving fuel consumption and operating efficiencies while lowering your shipping costs. According to our years experiences and the advantages of MIM methodi, HZMIM can bring the customer better material to suit the product.

Various portal treatment

We can provide lots of post treatment including the hardening, blackening, carburizing, aging process, polishing...So we can provide the one-stop service to reduce the costs.



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