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MIM China-Metal Injection Molding injection machine

Injection Machine

HZMIM has more than ten injection machines which are able to produce with the different material, different batch in one time, and the delivery time always according to the plan.

MIM China-Metal Injection Molding sintering furnace

Sintering Furnace

The sintering equipments are imported from CREMER Germany promises the high quality of products. With this equipment, production process can be automatic and continuous. The temperature and speed of sintering is stable and controlled by computer which determines the perfect quality.

sintering furnace

Sintering Furnace

CREMER Batch Sintering Furnace is imported from Germany. The temperature of sintering and the amount of gas passing through is stable. We have confidence to satisfy the requirements of different customer.

post treatment equipment

Post Treatment Equipment

The post treatment equipment deals with the parts which are deforming in the sintering process, every step is inspected by the QC department to ensure the quality.

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