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Key Attributes

●MIM is a repeatable process for complex components made from high-temperature alloys.

●MIM parts are near fully dense, which gives excellent mechanical, magnetic, corrosion and hermetic sealing properties, & allows secondary operations like plating, heat treating, & machining to be easily performed.

●The shrinkage from molded parts to sintered parts is high (14-18%) but isotropic & controllable.

●Complex shapes are achieved through tooling techniques used in the plastic injection molding industry. High volumes are attained through multi-cavity tooling.


Criteria for Typical MIM Parts

●High melting point alloys (ferrous & higher).

●Complex shapes (can't be stamped, screw machined, made in powder metal, etc.).

●Relatively small components (<100 grams best) due to price of MIM powders & cost of thermal processing.

●Cross-sectional thicknesses of 7 mm or less. MIM tooling can often be designed to reduce cross-sectional thicknesses without sacrificing component performance.

●Part volume high enough to amortize tooling.

●Geometry suitable to be made through standard plastic injection molding tooling.

●Relatively low-cost prototyping available for simple shapes.


MIM and PM Microstructure Comparison

MIM China-Metal Injection Molding MIM structrual MIM China-Metal Injection Molding PM structrual



The particle diameter of MIM material powder is from 2 to 15µm instead of from 50 to 100µm in traditional PM material powder, thus the density of MIM products is high. And the flexible shaping of MIM products cannot be achieved through traditional PM.

Comparison between MIM and Traditional Machining

MIM China-Metal Injection Molding comparation

By right of automatization, traditional machining has improved in efficiency and precision, but its basic procedure is still step by step process (turning, shaving, milling, grinding, drilling, polishing, etc.). The precision of machining is superior to other processing procedures, but machining cannot efficiently use materials and the product size is subject to equipment and cutting tools, so that some components cannot be made with machining. On the contrary, MIM can put materials into full use and make various shapes. And MIM is more competitive to make components in small size and complicated shape because of its low cost and high efficiency.

MIM overcomes the shortcomings of traditional processing procedures and plays its role where the traditional technique cannot do.


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